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Creating your blog Step-by-step instructions

Creating your blog
Step-by-step instructions


◊Creating Your Blog:



  • Click where it says “Create Your Blog Now”


  • Fill in a user name. This can be anything you want – it’s what you’ll use to sign in to your blog.


  • Select a password. This must be at least 6 characters long. Try to use a combination of numbers and letters, and think of something that others will not be able to easily guess.


  • Select a display name. This will be used to sign your blog posts, so choose something that will protect your identity! We recommend that you refrain from using your first and last name, or, if you can be easily located with your first name, choose a name that is somewhat disguising.


  • Enter an e-mail address. You’ll need this to register, and later on you can change your preferences so this won’t appear on your blog in clear sight of visitors. Consider setting up a separate e-mail account for your blog – this helps protect you from online predators.


  • Read the terms of service, then click the box indicating you have done so.


  • Click continue 


  • Give your blog a title. This is what will show at the top of your blog page


  • Choose a web address for your blog space. This will display in the address bar as http://yourblogspacename.blogspot.com


  • Choose a template. Select from the templates the way you’d like your blog to look. Don’t like anything you see? Just select one to get started – we’ll show you how you can change or customize it later if you want.


Once your blog has been created, you’re ready to change your personal profile and begin posting!


◊Posting to your blog


  • Click on “Start Posting” once your blog has been created.


  • Create a title for your first posting and write your first post in the text box.


  • Click “Publish Post”  Publishing your post will make it live on your blog and visible on the Web.


  • Each time you add a new post to your blog, you have to publish it before it goes up on the Web.