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How to create a FREE Google website

How to create a FREE Google website


Getting Started


1. Go to http://sites.google.com

2. If you already have a Google account (i.e. a Gmail email account) sign in using your Google account. If you do not have a Google account, click "sign up for sites" and create an account. This account will also be your Gmail email address.

3. Once you are logged in, click "create new site."


Create a New Site


1. Decide if you want to use a template. A template gives you a background color, theme, font, etc. for you to use. You can personalize it later. Using a template makes creating your site much easier. Do NOT choose the "NGO" template – it looks great but is really hard to edit. The "charity" template is a better option.

2. After you choose your template, enter the name of your website. This is very important! Choose something short and clear. It will be used as the website address.

3. Look at the line below where you typed the website address – this is how people will access your website. Are you happy with this website address? If not, modify it now.

4. If you are not using a template, you can select one of the themes. Skip this step if you are using a template.

5. Click "more options" and type in a description of your website. Then select whether or not you want everyone in the world to be able to access your site or only people you select.

6. Click the "create site" button at the bottom of the page.

7. Your website has been created!



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Google Sites Step by Step

Creating your portfolio using Google Sites
There are two steps to creating your new website.

sign in

Step 1: Create a Google Account

  1. Go to http://sites.google.com
  2. Click “Sign up for Sites” (if you already have a Google Account, you can use your existing email and password)
  3. Enter your email
  4. Choose a password
  5. Enter your email
  6. After reading the Terms of Service, click “I accept. Create my account.”

Step 2: Create Site

  1. Give your site a name (this will be the title of your Web page)
  2. Optional: change the URL of your site (the default URL is the name of your site)
  3. Optional: site description
  4. Select sharing level: private or public
  5. Select a theme. You can change this at any time
  6. Type the provided code
  7. Click "Create Site"

Note: You can change the name of your Web page at any time, but you cannot change the URL