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The Basic State Pension In The UK

เงินบำนาญ (The Basic State Pension In The UK)


What Is The Basic State Pension In The Uk?
The basic state retirement pension for a single person is 95.25 a week and 152.30 for a couple in 2009/10. uk.ask.com
UK Basic State Pension for a married couple?
Not sure about Class 3 contribution entitlements, but the employed and self-employed men get their pension at 65. Where a wife is concerned, it depends on her age. If she is under 60, the husband gets a dependency allowance for her. As soon as she is 60, she gets the married women's rate herself. If she is 60 before he is 65, she gets the married women's rate as soon as he is 65. The married women's rate is equal in amount to the dependancy allowance. In 2010, women's minimum age for pensions starts going up in stages, until eventually it will apply to those of 65. I don't know if that affects the dependency allowance. Source(s): Retired tax uk.answers.yahoo.com
The basic state pension increased by 5% (4.80) this April. It is expected to rise by 2.5 % (2.40) next year which is half the rise seen in 2010 uk.ask.com
How Much Is The Current State Pension In The UK?

The basic UK
state pension is £90.70 a week for a single person and £145.05 a week for a couple however it can be greatly affected by individual circumstance so I recommend you speak to an advisor or visit the official website for more info. That site features a calculator that can give you more accurate assessments.