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How to Createa Website Using Google Sites

How to Createa Website Using Google Sites

Createa wonderful, yet simple site with the powerful Google Sitesapplication. Thistool is provided freely from Googleand helps users create powerful sites that centeraround their content. You can upload imagesand change the theme till you feel it fits your personality.


1. Open your web browser.


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2. Goto the Google Sites Homepage.

  1. Please take the time to create and verify an account in order to continue with this How-to.
    Please take the timeto createand verifyanaccount in orderto continue with thisHow-to.

3. Sign in or sign up.

  • If youalready havea GoogleAccount, please enter it into the Sign Inarea.
  • If you do not havea GoogleAccountto sign in with, please click the Sign Up for Sites link under the Sign Inarea.

  1. Click this to proceed.
    Click thisto proceed.

4. Click the Create Site button.

Now you will beaskedto fill outa series of boxes, most of whichare highly importantto your site.

  • Site Name
    Site Name
    The first inputasks fora site name. It is bestto choose something unique. This will helpto keep your site easily distinguishable from others byany closer name.
  • A Helpful description of your site.
    A Helpful description of your site.
    The second inputasks fora site description. This is justa simple sentence. It may be goodto specify that youarea blogger,a group, ora church. This willagain set your siteapart from others like it.
  • The rest of these inputsare upto you. You should beableto determine if your site should be mature, or the theme, or if it should be public.
  • From this pointon, what you do is entirely upto you, whether you type information on your homepage, or maybe youadd more pages, the choice is yours. Enjoy!
  • Here isan example created in just under 10 minutes.


  • *The site is simpleto enhance. If you have useda text editor similarto Microsoft Word, or Open Office, then it won't beany different.
  • It helpsto havealready signed up fora GoogleAccount.
  • Keep information upto date.
  • Experiment with designsto findone that works.

  • Remember to check this if you have inappropriate content present on your site.
    Rememberto check this if you have inappropriate content presenton your site.
    It is importantto remember that if your site hosts inappropriate content, check the boxto say this otherwise Google may beallowedto sue if his conduct is reported.

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