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Scholarships for Foreign Students in Switzerland


Scholarships for Foreign Students in Switzerland

Various scholarships are offered through bilateral agreements between governments and/or universities or within the frame of a pool. Scholarships are granted to postgraduate candidates from both industrial and developing countries. In fine arts and music scholarships for advanced students are limited to countries which offer reciprocal student programmes. Candidates should, in the first instance, find out from their own country's authorities whether they are entitled to a governmental scholarship or should approach the Swiss embassy or consulate in their home country. The universities themselves can supply information about scholarships which they may give. Before applying, candidates (who must be under 35 of age and proficient in German, French or Italian) should get in touch with a professor or with the direction of the postgraduate program at the chosen Swiss educational institution in order to get a written confirmation of acceptance.

Further information can be obtained at ESKAS, Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students, Hallwylstrasse 4, CH-3003 Berne, phone: +41 (0)31 323 26 76, fax: +41 (0)31 323 30 20, or on Internet: