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Thai Marriage Visa

Thai Marriage Visa

The Thai marriage visa as it is known is called a non-immigrant “O” Visa. The “O” standing for “Other” are issued to foreigners married to a Thai national. Usually in Asia the “O” Visa is only issued as a single entry and valid in Thailand for a 3 month stay. Outside of Asia this can normally be issued as a multiple entry Visa meaning that it has multiple legs. The standard one year Multiple “O” visa can be used for a one year with 4 ‘legs”. Every 3 months you would need to leave the country and renter to activate the next leg.

Once the “O” visa is issued be it single or multiple entry you can obtain a one year extension. This is called a spousal extension and usually straightforward. This is applied for at Thai immigration. There is a set criteria for the ‘spousal extension’ of the Thai Marriage Visa.

These would include the showing of the required minimum amount in a Thai bank account or income of at least 40,000 Baht per month. There is also the question of a medical certificate, marriage certificate amongst other rules.

Thai Marriage Visa Commencement:

The Thai marriage visa and extension starts with the obtaining of a Thai marriage visa at a Thai embassy. This can be a single or multiple entry Thai marriage visa. Once you enter Thailand the first leg of the visa is activated and you have 90 days in which to make an application for the extension to stay. Contact an attorney for the latest regulations of the Thai marriage visa.
Once you have the ‘spousal extension’ of the Thai marriage visa you do not need to leave Thailand again. Should you decide to take a trip out of Thailand you would need to apply at Immigration for a re-entry permit to not invalidate the marriage visa. Once this is granted you may leave and enter Thailand again without affecting your marriage visa. Should you not apply for a re-entry permit, once you leave you automatically cancel your marriage visa and the ‘spousal extension’.

The process would then need to be started again. Your Thai marriage visa is extended once a year on the same criteria that was sued when you first applied for it. Having a Thai marriage visa with the one year spousal extension however requires that every 90 days you report your address to Thai Immigration. That is a simple process of simply filling in a form with your current address on and having your passports “reporting Card” updated.

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