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Student Visa (Switzerland)

Student Visa (Switzerland)

Student Visa


A student who plans to studying or learning in Switzerland is required to apply a student visa before leaving to Switzerland.

a.) For studying up to three months, the student is required to submit the same documents as requested for a tourism visa. In addition, plus a confirmation letter from the Swiss school is needed.

b.) For studying over three months, the student (over 18 years old) is requested to come for an interview at the Trade Office of Swiss Industries and submit the following documents:

1.) 3 application forms

2.) 3 photos (recent date, undamaged)

3.) 4 copies of acceptance/confirmation letter from the Swiss school

4.) 3 copies of the school enrolment receipt

5.) 3 copies of the bank statement (min. 1 million TW Dollar)

6.) 3 copies of the highest graduation certificates (including junior and senior high school, &
the highest graduate certificates)

7.) 3 copies of an English guarantee statement

8.) 1 copy of ID card

9.) 3 copies of the passport, first page

10.) 3 copies of TOEFL or IELTS or TOEIC score etc…, if possible

Please note that in some cases the Swiss Alien Police may require additional document, the applicant who is over the age of 25, please submit some more special documents as follows;

1.) 3 copies of the curriculum vitae (CV)

2.) 3 copies of the study plan

3.) 3 copies of study motivation

Visa proceeding time : 1 – 2 months or more, after interview/submission of the complete

Visa fee : NT$1,500.-

Postage : NT$250.-