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Mock Driving Theory Test Questions (UK) Mock Theory Test #2

Mock Driving Theory Test Questions (UK) Mock Theory Test #2

MockTheory Test #2
Free online driving test theory information and mock theory test. See our driving theory test
main page for full explanation of the driving theory test. We have four Theory Tests that use the Official DSA Test Questions plus three more free mock theory tests, a road sign test and a stopping distances and speed limit test.

Mock Theory Test #2
1It is essential that tyre pressures be checked regularly. When should this be done?

Mark one answer.
When the tyres are cold After a long journey When the tyres are hot After filling the vehicle with fuel
2When driving in snow it is best to keep in as high a gear as possible. Why is this?

Mark one answer.
To help you slow down quickly when you brake To help prevent wheelspin So that wheelspin does not cause your engine to run too fast To leave a lower gear available in case of wheelspin
3Whilst driving on the motorway you have to slow down quickly due to a hazard. What should you do?

Mark one answer.
Sound your horn Switch on your hazard lights Switch on your fog light Switch on the headlights to full beam
4Before reversing you should always check:

Mark one answer.
The area behind you Your side mirrors All round Your rear view mirror
5While driving a vehicle, at what distance MUST you be able to read a number plate?

Mark one answer.
10 metres (33 feet) 15 metres (49 feet) 20.5 metres (67 feet) 30 metres (98 feet)
6You are driving in torrential rain and your vehicle begins to slide. What is this called?

Mark one answer.
Ghosting Skiing Aquaplaning Coasting
7The national speed limit for cars and motorcycles on a single carriageway road is? 30 mph 40 mph 50 mph 60 mph
8It is illegal to drive with tyres that -

Mark one answer.
Have a large, deep cut in the sidewall Are of different makes Were bought second-hand Are more than three years old
9The vehicle you are driving pulls to one side when you brake. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

Mark one answer.
Poorly adjusted brakes Incorrect tyre pressure Low levels of power steering fluid A faulty handbrake
10When driving at 60mph on a dry road what would be the shortest overall stopping distance?

Mark one answer.
53 metres 58 metres 73 metres 96 metres
11Which of the following is the main cause of rear-end collisions?

Mark one answer.
Pedestrians crossing the road unexpectedly Driving too close to the vehicle in front Traffic lights A wet road surface
12Which age group of drivers is most likely to be involved in an accident? 17 to 25 year olds 34 to 45 year olds 46 to 55 year olds 65 to 75 year olds
13What is the nearest you can park your vehicle to a junction?

Mark one answer.
10 metres 15 metres 20 metres 22 metres
14At what age does a car need its first MOT certificate?

Mark one answer.
2 years old 3 years old 4 years old 5 years old
15When overtaking which routine should you use?

Mark one answer.
Mirrors, speed, position, look, mirrors, signal, manoeuvre Speed, mirrors, look, signal, manoeuvre Look, mirrors, position, mirrors, signal, manoeuvre Mirrors, position, speed, look, mirrors, signal, manoeuvre
16Immediately after joining a motorway you should:

Mark one answer.
Try to overtake Move to the right hand lane Keep in the left lane to get used to the speed Move to the centre lane
17When driving down a steep hill what should you do in order to control your speed?

Mark one answer.
Select a high gear and use the brakes carefully Select neural and let the car freewheel down the hill Activate cruise control Select a low gear and use the brakes carefully
18If you get six penalty points within two years of passing your practical test what will you have to do?

Mark two answers.
Retake your theory and practical tests Reapply for your provisional licence Incur a maximum fine of £1000 Retake the theory test only
19On a motorway traffic signs are mostly which colour?

Mark one answer.
Red Blue Green Purple
20When are you allowed to use a motorway hard shoulder?

Mark one answer.
To read a map When your vehicle breaks down To rest To overtake slow moving traffic
21When approaching a pelican crossing what key features will you see?

Mark three answers.
Traffic lights White zig-zag lines Yellow zig-zag lines A white stop line Flashing yellow beacons
22 What is the meaning of this sign? Accident blackspot ahead Pedestrian crossing ahead Light signals ahead at a level crossing Traffic queues likely
23At roadworks which THREE of the following can control the flow of traffic?

Mark three answers.
A police officer A stop-go sign Temporary traffic lights A lollypop lady
24When must you contact the vehicle licensing authority?

Mark three answers.
When you change your vehicle When you change your permanent address When you use your vehicle abroad When you reach the age of sixty When you change your name
25When are passengers allowed to ride in a caravan that is being towed? When they are over 18 years old Never When travelling on minor roads When travelling on motorways
26Your overall stopping distance will be much longer when:

Mark one answer.
Driving in fog Driving in rain Driving in strong winds Driving on a very hot day
27What shape is a STOP sign?

Mark one answer.
Triangular Circular Square Octagonal
28The reflective studs between a motorway and its slip road are what colour?

Mark one answer.
Green Blue Red Purple
29You are about to drive home but you can't find the glasses you need to wear. You should:

Mark one answer.
Drive home without going faster than 30 mph Drive home at night so that the lights will help you Find a way of getting home without driving Only drive on minor roads
30triangular road signs give:

Mark one answer.
Warnings Information Instructions Directions
31As a driver, how can you help the environment?

Mark one answer.
By using leaded fuel By driving faster By driving with your windows down By reducing your speed
32At road junctions which of the following are most vulnerable?

Mark THREE answers.
Car drivers Lorry drivers Pedestrians Cyclists Motorcyclists
33You are driving in fog, which of the following should you do?

Mark THREE answers.
Use your hazard lights Use dipped headlights Allow more time for your journey Slow down Use headlights on full beam
34 What is the meaning of this sign? Tunnel ahead Low bridge ahead Tourist route ahead Holiday route ahead
35Whilst driving you have an accident in which someone is injured. You must report this to the police within: 12 hours 24 hours 36 hours 48 hours
36When following a vehicle on a wet road you should leave a time gap of at least? 1 second 2 seconds 3 seconds 4 seconds
37When driving through a Ford or flood water, what gear should you use? First or second Third Fourth Fifth Reverse
38The reaction time of most drivers is over? 1/2 second 1 second 2 seconds 3 seconds
39 What is the meaning of this sign? Side winds Quayside or river bank Falling or fallen rocks Cliff face ahead
40 What is the meaning of this sign? Toll bridge ahead Opening or swing bridge ahead Humpback bridge ahead Road ahead closed
41 What is the meaning of this sign? Accompanied horses or ponies Wild horses or ponies Wild animals No horses allowed
42 What is the meaning of this sign? Level crossing without barrier or gate Level crossing with barrier or gate Trams crossing ahead Trams only
43 What is the meaning of this sign? Humps on the road Humpback bridge Uneven road surface Risk of grounding
44At which pedestrian crossings are cyclists permitted to cross? Toucan Zebra Puffin Pelican
45Overloading your vehicle can seriously affect? Your comfort The Handling Your ability to change gears The steering
46A provisional licence holder must not drive a motorcar At night On a dual carriageway Alone With passengers in the back
47A strong crosswind is least likely to affect which of these vehicles? Cyclists Cars High-sided vehicles Motorcycles
48You start to feel tired whilst driving, you should?

Mark one answer.
Increase your speed to reduce your journey time Decrease your speed Stop at a safe place and rest Turn on the radio and listen to loud music
49 What is the meaning of this sign? Entry into a 20 mph zone End of a 20 mph zone Minimum speed 20 mph
50Which three of these must not use motorways? Caravans Cyclists Coaches Motorcycles over 50cc Learner driver cars Tractors