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UK Road Tax Payment Bands Explained

UK Road Tax Payment Bands Explained

Buying road tax for your car used to be a fairly simple affair. The road tax band was calculated by the size of your car's engine. These days, however, with concerns for the environment growing car road tax is predominately calculated by assessing your car's CO2 emission levels. A cars Registration Document/Certificate (also known as the Logbook) will have details of its CO2 emissions.

From April 10 2010 new and used cars, those registered after 01-03-2001, will also be taxed differently. Cars registered before 01-03-2001 will have a separate road tax charge.

Road Tax Rates For New Cars

Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) BandCO2 Emissions
2010 first-year rate2010 1st year alternative fuel rate
AUp to 100 £0£0
B101 - 110£0£0
C111 -120£0£0
D121 -130£0£0
G151 -165£155£145
H166 -175£250£240
I176 - 185£300£290
J186 - 200£425£415
K201- 225£550£540
L226 - 255£750£740
MOver 255£950£940

Road Tax Rates For Non-New Cars

VED BandCO2 Emissions (g/km)2010-11 standard rate
AUp to 100 £0
B101 - 110£20
C111 -120£30
D121 -130£90
G151 -165£155
H166 -175£180
I176 - 185£200
J186 - 200£235
K201- 225£245
L226 - 255£425
MOver 255£435

Cars registered before 1 March 2001

Engine size (cc)2010-11
below 1549cc£125
Over 1549cc£205